a favorite morning

For the past eleven months, mornings have become my favorite. I am a night owl by nature so for me to say this is kind of a big deal. It began with the relief that we survived another night with our newborn baby and morning snuggles were just around the corner.  Then it became my time to make jewelry while the Little Bunny slept. Then Little Bunny stopped napping so it became my walking time (also due to the bowels of hell heat that is unleashed during Georgia summers). I finally have somewhat of a routine down, so mornings like this morning are my favorite...

Scheduling myself into my much needed yoga classes has proven to be difficult with a baby and a traveling husband, but it has made me appreciate that time so much more. So, it is only appropriate that a favorite morning began with an energizing class at  FORM{yoga}.


I have been wanting to add to my single Mantra Band, so today, I did. I always need to remind myself to slow down and "live in the moment."

After class, the temperature outside was still amazing — very little humidity and in the upper 60's. Stop it. It's still August?! Yes please! With nature telling me to get over my love/hate relationship with the jogging stroller, I arrived home and grabbed the Little Bunny for a run. This has also been a struggle for me. Motivating myself to actually run with the stroller instead of walk. Through pregnancy, recovery, and simply having a baby small enough to not be able to run quite yet, I learned to love taking my time and walking. Don't let me fool you, I still take my time running...why do you think I prefer trails over the road? Anyway, it felt good to actually run this morning and push through some mental barriers where my body was saying, "I can't," but my mind was saying, "You have this!" I'm sure anyone getting back into running after a long hiatus can empathize with me. I just have to "embrace the suck."

With the morning capped off with a nice run and beautiful weather, I had to share this as one of my favorite mornings, with many more to come.

And I even put make up on today!