Passion for painting, drawing, creating, and the arts has always been the driving force in my life.

My family has always inspired me to create, gleaning artistic skill sets from both my maternal Grandmother and paternal Grandfather. Painting was always my first love, and both grandparents were a large part in my early creative development, from watercolors to oils. As a child, I remember my grandfather making beautiful Southwestern jewelry, working largely with silver and turquoise. He often gave his handmade creations to family as gifts and growing up, I cherished them. “Katie the Frog” and the “Grumpy Old Man” were the nicknames we gave to each other, as we always had a special bond. I realized much later in life that I wanted to create beautiful and unique jewelry as well.

Why Green End?

The name "Green End" comes from a street name that leads to one of my favorite places in the world. Rhode Island has always been a "home" to my family and me and it is there where I am usually most inspired. The family home resides on Aquidneck Island, with protected lands that turn vibrant green in the summers. The deep navy blue waters, the porcelain gray sandy beaches, countless hydrangea puffs, and the leaves in autumn are all things that inspire my designs. In short, it is our "happy place." It is family and it will forever always be home.

Green End's Mission

In my designs, I try to take an experience or a feeling and convey that through the piece. Each piece is unique in that it is unique to you. Much like viewing a painting, it affects each of us in different ways. My goal is to let you celebrate your individuality by curating your own collection through Green End. I emphasize layering with both necklaces and bracelets because no one person is going to ever have the same stack as you. The different charms and pendants that speak to you, let the world know a little bit about you. Are you fierce? Are you graceful? Are you bold? These are ideas we can convey to the world without saying a word.