winter to some


The new year has just begun and I wanted to share a few thoughts that would perhaps give you a little more insight on me and how my mind works. This is what I do in January generally...I think. I reflect on what has passed and in more recent years I have tried to come up with ways to be better. Be a better jewelry designer. Be a better artist. Be a better mother. Be a better wife. Be a better sister. Be a better daughter. Just be a better person. So this year, I have decided I want everything to be about connection. 


I am someone who deeply appreciates and uses symbolism in everything I create, whether it be a painting, photo, or jewelry design. It struck me recently that I have always been absolutely fascinated with symbolism, growing up captivated by mythology, fables, poetry, and art. My favorite myth happened to be Persephone and how the seasons were created. I felt like this was a timely observation given that we have just entered 2017 and to some, Winter is the worst of all seasons. But, in fact, Autumn to Winter is my very favorite time of year because it is cozy, warm, and it feels safe to me. Maybe it is the Scorpio in me (yes, I love astrology) or maybe it's because I am usually a dark and stormy person...most of my feelings are kept on the inside. I even wrote a poem about winter in college to reflect my feelings on the subject: 



Winter, to some, is a lonely and barren time

Where no leaves sway and all seems dead.

They look at it with cold eyes and turn away

Hatred following and so comes the hibernation from others

Refusing to look past the stormy skies

And the lack of song in the morning when one rises

But when I think of winter, I see perfection.

Nothing hides, for all can be seen

The trees still stand proud with no leaves left for pride

Instead of song to rise to, a sun can be seen

At the horizon of the world, past all branches.

I see flocks of birds flying overhead

As they make their way V-shaped above me

I wish I were more like winter.

 To me, this time of year really is a new beginning and a way to start over. In fact, January is meant to symbolize the door to the year. To add to that, Garnet is the month's birthstone which is supposed to be "a stone of regeneration" and said to be"energizing." {*Hint hint* look out for some Garnet pieces this month} What I want you to realize is that each piece of jewelry I create, has a meaning to it, whether it is the color of it, the charm, the number of beads I use between spacers, etc. 

In closing from this long rambling blog post, I would like to ask you a favor. In retail I used to ask the sales reps that would stop in, "What can we do to for you?" So to you, my friends, family, and consumers, what can I do for you? What do you want to see in 2017 from me? Now, I'm not going to call these resolutions, but here are some things I would like to do this year for myself...

  • Write more blog posts (trying for one per week)
  • Keep the website up to date with ALL of my current products
  • Learn more about my camera
  • Read more
  • Use my phone less
  • Be active every day

I would really love to hear from all of you whether you comment, message, or email me to let me know your thoughts! I think 2017 will be marvelous!