Key West Inspiration


Recently my husband and I traveled to Key West for a wedding. The only time I have ever been to Key West was in 2009 for four or five hours. It was a stop on our Senior Spring Break cruise, so I was less concerned with exploring and more concerned with where to buy beer and how to find the beach. This time around, I was actually able to take in all of the beauty (and weirdness). 

First of all, can we talk about that airport? I live in Atlanta. Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport in the world and we arrive (after coming in hot on the runway) to a baggage claim that is about the size of one gate area in Hartsfield. Not only that, but it has a bar in the middle of it! Welcome to Key West, indeed. We finally arrived at our condo and caught up with the rest of our friends out by the complex's bar. It was situated right next to the ocean and it was the perfect welcome to kick off our vacation.

The colors of Key West are so vibrant, from the green ombre of the palm trees to the turquoise water, to the stark contrast of the black and red roosters roaming the island. As an artist, I loved the flora and fauna the island had to offer as well as the mixture of American/Cuban culture. The 6am rooster wake up calls were not as appreciated, but it was still fun to see them roaming the streets, unrestricted.

The wedding was absolutely breathtaking and so full of love. Another special part about this wedding was that my friend had asked me to design a single pearl necklace for the two flower girls. The girls loved their necklaces and really loved the six-toed cats that roamed the Ernest Hemingway House property (add this to the list of weird things Key West has to offer).  If you go to Key West, make this spot a priority to see with your own eyes, it is truly beautiful. 


After such an amazing weekend, sadly, we had to return to Atlanta. Upon reviewing my photos, it was the colors that I was enthralled by and began to inspire me. I wanted to take the colors and work them into mid-summer line for Green End, which I am currently working on. I am hoping to release the new designs mid-July (how is it almost July already?!) and I look forward to your feedback! Have you been to Key West? What were some of your favorite spots to visit? I'd love to hear from you!