Beginning Your Necklace Collection

We all want to achieve the perfect capsule wardrobe. One of my goals with Green End's collection is to help you accessorize your wardrobe with minimalistic timeless pieces as well as more trendy statement pieces. I have categorized my necklace collection into three areas: Dainties, Midis, and Statement. This means that with just three necklaces, you can have seven different looks. 


Dainties are meant to be your wear every day necklace. This is generally the most meaningful piece in your collection. I say that because it will usually be a charm that is very personal or individual to you like an initial, a wishbone, a birth stone, etc. The Dainty is also your base to the perfect layered necklace look.

The Midi necklace is still minimalistic in style, broader in meaning, but still adds to your individual expression. I like to think of this as something to either dress up your dainty, wear by itself, or the connecting piece to your Statement necklace. 

The Statement necklace is where you can really express yourself with a variety of beads and large pendants available. These necklaces are how I like to dress up an outfit to go from a day to night look. To me, the Statement Necklaces are also the ones you want to collect over time. Each statement piece is unique and, in most cases, one of a kind. This is also where you can completely change the look of your outfit to be anywhere between boho to preppy.